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Etta + Billie

What they say:
I (Alana) stumbled into the world of natural body care while working a job that left me feeling lost. At a time when I was unsure about what direction to take, I found brewing up apothecary products in my kitchen gave me purpose. Batch after batch, inspiration came from my other passion: food. Lavender shortbread became Lavender Soap. Coffee with fresh mint became Cold Brew Mint Coffee Scrub. Cardamom Old Fashioned became Grapefruit Cardamom Body Oil. After leaping into the journey of experimentation, research, and a whole lot of product testing (including much-needed trips to local bakeries and cocktail bars), I launched Etta + Billie in 2009. My focus on food has given me the opportunity to work with influential makers like Craftsman and Wolves and Ritual Coffee Roasters on special collaborative projects allowing me an inside look at their creation process.
I’ve traveled across the country, talking to people about great food, sustainability, and purposeful skin care and, ultimately, I discovered how to blend my love of good food with my belief in the attitude changing power of an amazing shower. Are you ready?
Why we love them:
Food. Soap. Amazing. These scents are unreal, you guys. I want to eat in my bathtub! You'll love these creative, food inspired scents. They're also a certified green business and everything is made in California.