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CA Makes

What they say:

I'm a big fan of simple. Some beach time, a day trip with my faves, the perfect tee shirt, simple is my style. I've always worn my hair up in a knot, a topknot, before it had a name.

When big plastic bun pins, chopsticks, and the occasional pencil weren't cutting it I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally, I hand made my version of the perfect bun pin.
It was beautiful, simple, and easy to use, it was the perfect tool for a more pulled together knot of hair. I decided these must be shared.

Why we love them:

Our messy bun, top knot all-day-every-day dreams are answered. This is now our go-to for a sleek and polished look or a crazy top knot for sitting on the couch. You name it, we're wearing it. These beauties can be tricky to use at first, but don't give up, I promise it's not your hair! Check out #topknotscoop for tips! Made in California.